We offer a full suite Professional Services and Managed Services focusing in on the area of Mobility. Our Professional Services engagements range from developing Mobility Strategies for corporations, to assessing & designing BYOD programs, to consulting on Mobility platforms and designing Mobility Policies for solution implementations.

Our Managed Services offering includes: design, implementation and support of hosted or on premise Mobility solutions. We also provide end user Mobility help desk services, applications enablement, software licensing and maintenance, and enhanced security and virtualization services.

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Many organizations are finding it difficult to keep pace with Mobility. New process & support requirements, security requirements, and an increase in new applications have put a strain on their IT department. As a result, firms require a clear Mobility Strategy to prioritize and guide investments.




Bring your own device (BYOD) is a disruptive phenomenon. Employees bring non-company mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets, laptops) into the organization and expect to be connected to everything – without proper accountability or oversight. BYOD is both a challenge and an opportunity for organizations.




Implementing and ensuring 100% adoption of new Mobility technology is often difficult for most organizations. EMM/MDM platform vendors do not provide the hand holding & integration required to facilitate this. As a result many Mobility Management implementations are incomplete or have not been properly integrated & configured to secure/manage Mobility.




Given the rapid changes in mobile technology and the need for new processes & toolsets, most IT organizations are doing poorly when it comes to managing Mobility. They look to Managed Service providers for the experience, subject matter expertise, and end to end Mobility processes & policies to manage Mobility.


Regardless Of Mobile Technology Platform

Define Mobility has subject matter experts when it comes to Mobility. We have learned from experience the end to end Mobility processes and policies that work best for enterprise customers. And we design, support and manage customers on a variety of leading enterprise mobility platforms.

Bring Your Own Device

Bring your own device, or BYOD, is a disruptive phenomenon where employees bring non-company mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets, laptops) into the organization and expect to be connected to everything – without proper accountability or oversight. Implementing BYOD is more complex than it appears and many companies are currently struggling with trying to implement and/or grow a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) program to support this model of business.
BYOD being written by hand

Many companies are currently struggling with trying to implement and/or grow a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) program.

3 key operational challenges:

Governance & Compliance – violation of rules, regulations, trust, intellectual property and other critical business obligations
Mobile Device Management – employees expect to use their preferred device or application anytime, anywhere
Security – impacts network availability, and may cause data leakage or loss

Define Mobility has helped many customers determine how best to leverage BYOD. We assess your mobile environment, review your objectives, design a BYOD plan and even provide you with an internal cost estimate and business case for execution. We also can design & implement your very own BYOD program. Implementing BYOD is more complex than it appears. Define Mobility has special tools and processes to ensure your program’s success.



Enterprise customers are hard pressed to keep up with changes in Mobility technology and the requirements for provisioning, managing and securing Mobile devices.
Specifically businesses wrestle with three key business challenges:
Increasing costs relating to Mobility: Companies are faced with increasing devices to mange, increasing network usage, and the cost of managing and integrating more Mobility solutions and applications. And additional resourcing is required to manage new business processes, security and the support of these new capabilities.
The complexity of managing enterprise Mobility: Companies struggle with keeping up to date and knowing what solutions and capabilities to implement given the constant evolution of Mobility functionality and platforms. Integrating and managing Mobility is no longer an easy task for most IT departments.
Innovation / Staying Competitive: Business have realized that embracing Mobility can help improve productivity and lead to innovation and staying competitive. It’s a key part of business enablement and no longer just a cost to be managed. Mobilizing your workforce and applications leads to increased corporate competitiveness.
Businesses are therefore challenged with finding better ways to deal with Mobility. Hence many are turning to service providers like Define Mobility to provide the Mobility expertise and Managed Services require to get the most out of Mobility.
Define Mobility provides a full suite of Managed Mobility services to design, implement and manage your Mobility solutions. These include MDM licensing, maintenance and management, 7/24 Help Desk support for Mobility, as well as professional services and integration services to assess, plan and implement the right end to end Mobility solution for your enterprise needs.


Enterprise customers are hard pressed to keep up with changes in Mobility.
They struggle with:

  • Developing clear Mobility strategy
  • Prioritizing an increasing number of Mobility initiatives
  • And with managing their increasing Mobility costs

Define Mobility has the resources and expertise to help in this area. Our Mobility consultants assess your Mobility toolsets, processes, requirements and objectives to determine the right strategy and action plan for your organization. We prioritize your initiatives, business case recommendations and map out a clear plan for achieving your Mobility objectives.
Most corporations already view Mobility as a strategic area of focus. Which makes perfect sense since it helps increase internal productivity, it improves service to customers, it increase the use of corporate applications, and it accelerates innovation.
At Define Mobility, we understand this and we know how to get the most out of Mobility. We provide Mobility services to help with the design, implementation, and adoption of Mobility solutions. We also have the support and management services to support your operations , reduce your costs and provide you with access to subject matter experts who will help you leverage Mobility capability and innovation. Our proven toolsets and integrated processes make it easy and drive improved time to market for new functionality and applications.

Managed Mobility Services are supported across all the major North American Mobility providers


Define Mobility is technology and service provider agnostic. As a Managed Services provider, we work with the platforms and providers of our customers’ choice without limitations.

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